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Why Use Artificial Plants and Trees?

Architects and Interior Designers have always been looking for ways bring the “outdoors in” to create more inviting interior spaces. This is not a new trend but what we see more and more is a switch to artificial large trees from live. One main reason is the long term cost savings which artificial plants provide.

Other considerations in favor of artificial trees to be considered are as follows:

1. Low light conditions can lead to decline of live trees.

2. There are additional expenses involved in replacing failing live plant material.

3. Due to new techniques and years of improvement on artificial tree production, our team of artists creates trees that are more realistic looking than ever.

4. LEED certification advantages. Eliminating water usage normally needed to maintain live plant material.

Why use Mall Silks?

For over 35 years Mall Silks has been providing a viable alternative to using live trees. Interior landscape firms, architects, interior designers, and commercial property owners have benefited by using Mall Silks products. Please feel free to give us a call with your questions. We would love to give you insights that you might not be thinking about for making a switch to artificial trees.

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Amazing 42" Diameter Museum Series Tree

Mall Silks just completed another first for our design team. Furniture Land South, located in Jamestown North Carolina, contacted us to build a Museum Series tree for the children’s furniture section of their store. Furniture Land South is advertised as the World’s Largest Furniture Store. Keeping with the theme of the largest, this ties in with the fact that this Museum Series Tree is the largest diameter tree the design team has produced to date. The trunk is a whopping 42” in diameter.

A tunnel was engineered as a feature of the trunk so children could actually crawl through the tree. A platform will be suspended from the ceiling which will give the illusion that a treehouse is resting on the top branches. One other fun detail was that a heart with an arrow through it and the initials F L S (Furniture Land South) was “carved” into the bark. We got a “We LOVE it!” back from the client. We shipped on a Wednesday and this picture was sent the next day with the tree installed in its new space.

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Project Profile:
King of Prussia Mall

S & H Interiorscapes in Phoenixville, PA, was asked to make adjustments to a blooming program for the King of Prussia Mall. This project amounted to 150 double stem potted artificial orchids. To aid in the realistic look, each orchid stem was installed with a stake and an orchid clip.

The artificial orchid planting was surrounded by live liriope and the result as you can see, is stunning. What a great solution to keeping up with the maintenance of a large number of blooming plants.


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