(1/18)  Museum Series Oak Tree with a 24" diameter molded bark trunk. This tree is a "flat top" since it seems to disappear into the ceiling.

(2/18)  Branching detail of this oak tree.

(3/18)  Bark and flared trunk detail.

(4/18)  This is a "full-round" oak tree as opposed to a flat-top. It's about 15 feet tall.

(5/18)  A client requested a "half alive/half dead" tree to make an environmental point. Provisions were made for a TV monitor and sound. The trunk is surrounded by a patch of sheet moss.

(6/18)  Other views of the "half and half" tree showing the cables coming out and an interesting trunk effect.

(7/18)  Our team of installers routinely travels to your site if need be to install and fine tune the Museum Series trees.

(8/18)  The finished tree.

(9/18)  Another flat-top tree in the same complex.

(10/18)  A tree foliated with ficus leaves in a children's amusement center.

(11/18)  Huge fantasy trees foliated with Shady Lady leaves.

(12/18)  We call this the "Hobbit Tree" as it reaches completion in our Mall Silks design/manufacturing facility. It was used for a movie promotion.

(13/18)  Close-up and bark detail of the Hobbit tree.

(14/18)  A specialty tree designed and foliated to look like an acacia tree.

(15/18)  Mall Silks was asked to design a tree for an elementary school library. This was not any ordinary tree–one of the features of this tree was to have the school librarian’s initials “carved” into the trunk of the tree. We came to find out that the tree was actually a memorial to this particular well-loved librarian, who had passed away. What a great tribute!

(16/18)  Here is a Museum Series tree you can walk through.

(17/18)  A weeping willow tree from sketch to construction to completion. Extra foliage fronds were sent along to be attached at time of installation.

(18/18)  This Winter White Tree was for a store display window. It is a 15' free-standing bare limb tree with our "museum Series" style trunk. Our designers painted it a frosty white. It looks very dramatic in the display window.